Tuesday, January 10, 2012

v2 Prusa Kits Shipped this week!

If you purchased a Prusa kit from me this week I have upgraded them to the v2 Prusa.  You will see here the new reinforced Y-Motor Mount, the New Z-Motor Mounts and the new Z-Motor Coupler.

To install the new Z-Motor Coupler you will need the following items:
Cut the clear tubing into 2 equal size pieces and put one piece of the tubing onto your motor shaft.  Align the 2 motor coupler pieces so the large and small groves are aligned then bolt them together with 4 m3x22mm Bolts and nuts.
Install the motor coupler onto the Z-motor shaft by putting the small groove side onto the motor shaft and the large groove side onto your 5/16" or 8mm Threaded Z Rods.

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